STOP-IT part of new clusters

STOP-IT is now part of a cluster of H2020 projects, the European Cluster for Securing Critical Infrastructures (ECSCI). Its main objective is to bring about synergetic, emerging disruptive solutions to security issues via cross-projects collaboration and innovation.

STOP-IT part of new clusters

The cluster will research how to protect critical infrastructures and services, highlighting differences (approaches, sectors of interest, etc.) between the clustered projects and establishing tight and productive connections with closely related and complementary H2020 projects. To promote the activities of the cluster, ECSCI organizes international conferences, and national or international workshops highlighting the achievements within the cluster. These events involve policy makers and the general public. The cluster’s foreseen impacts will include stimulating the uptake of project results, the exploitation of synergies, sharing best practices, effectively executing activities of common interest (such as IPR management, standardisation and policymaking), stimulating network and alliance formation for further Research and Technical Development and industrial innovation, and increasing public awareness of the cluster activities by targeted communication activities.

The first joint ECSCI workshop will be held on March 26-27 2020 on the DG HOME premises in Brussels. It holds an opportunity to present project descriptions together with the outcomes achieved during the lifespan of the projects to the audience, and to discuss the technical aspects of the projects and the underlying technologies, with a view to furthering the exploitation and uptake of the projects.

STOP-IT part of new clusters - members, collaboration topics and proposed activities

The figure depicts the cluster members, collaboration topics and proposed activities.

The second cluster STOP-IT is now part of is the IMG-S, which is an informal and wide European network of experts in the security domain, connecting academia (UNIV and RTO), industry (SMEs and large) and end-users. IMG-S participants have extensive experience in EU security, with active participation in the Security Theme in H2020.