Annual technical and policy brief based on the results of each CoP (Third version – July 2020)

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This deliverable is designed as a brief overview of activities carried out in the Communities of Practice (CoPs) within the STOP-IT project, together with summarizing the feedback of the participants and facilitators, and providing recommendations for future CoP activities. It is envisaged that this brief supports the Work Package 2 (WP2) team in delivering high-quality information and support to the CoPs and their members. In developing this brief, all feedback and evaluation forms provided by the CoPs facilitators over the three years of STOP-IT have been taken into consideration, as well as feedback from the facilitators of the workshops and work meetings from the first year. Nine workshop reports and feedback from all facilitators were used in developing this brief, six from the first year, three reports for the second year, and 10 for the third year. The evaluation by both the participants and facilitators of the workshops was summarized and consolidated in order to avoid duplication of information. Each year this document will be updated with the results of next year. This will result in a complete overview of the results of all CoPs at the end of the project. Recommendations for the WP2 team were formulated as a result of the feedback and recommendations provided by participants and facilitators.