Book: The need for digital water in a green Europe

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The purpose of this present document prepared by the Policy Action Group of the ICT4Water cluster is to highlight those possibilities that a more digitalized water industry can offer in support of the revision of the Urban Wastewater Treatment Directive, the implementation of the revised EU Drinking Water Directive and the achievement of those goals established by the long-term environmental and climate strategies of the European Union. The document has been prepared after a process of consultation with members of consortia of about 60 EU-funded projects from ICT4Water cluster who were asked to complete a detailed questionnaire. After an initial analysis undertaken by an editorial board, individual leaders of specific projects were contacted in order to obtain further, indepth information. The resulting paper promotes the central role of the water sector within what is known as the Twin Transition to a green and digital economy as established in the objectives of the European Green Deal and above all recommends actions that would not only improve the management of the water sector as a whole within the context of the circular economy but also contribute significantly to the objectives of European environmental strategies that have been proposed during the period 2019-2020.