Continuity plan for the training courses and services (D8.4)

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The “Continuity plan for the training courses and services”, describes and outlines the appropriate actions needed to ensure continuity of the training courses and services beyond the project duration. By proposing an action plan, based on ENISA guidelines, that targets multiple user (trainee) groups over two educational levels (basic and advanced), the described continuity plan ensures that the various products of STOP-IT – as well as the already developed training material, which are part of WP8 – are encapsulated in a consistent Life Long Learning (LLL) scheme. This LLL scheme comes in the form of online courses, able to be deployed through generic educational platforms. For the basic educational level of the LLL scheme, which aims at raising awareness on Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS) over broader groups of stakeholders, sample content (in different contexts directly relevant to STOP-IT) is provided as part of the continuity plan to guide the next steps. This content encompasses previously generated WP8 material, but also extends it significantly in order to form a consistent online course module for that level. For the advanced level, which is varied, in-depth, and tool-specific, the continuity plan underlines the actions needed to design content, according to the (future) interest of the end-user groups, which is then matched to specific STOP-IT tools covering this interest. These actions involve multiple stakeholders, including the parties responsible for exploitation (which act as supervisors), the groups under training (trainee groups), which provide the user requirements, tool developers, which act as the content providers and, finally, platform administrators and moderators, which ensure the operational functionality of the learning product. Where possible, the plan also utilises previously generated content for the tools that interested the STOP-IT Front Runner (FR) and Follower (FL) groups. Relevant mappings with ENISA guidelines and standards are provided, along with a discussion of platform deployment issues.