Reports on training sessions undertaken and user feedback assessment (D8.3 )

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This deliverable, titled “Reports on training sessions undertaken and user feedback/assessment”, provides an overview of the training activities that were designed and executed, from M24 to M44, as part of task (T)8.3. The main goal of T8.3 is to train and transfer necessary knowledge on the use of the STOP-IT products to follower (FL) utilities, using primarily – and expanding or revising, if needed – material from T8.2 as the learning basis. The overall planning and execution of these training activities is described and feedback from each activity by the FL utilities, whether systematic/quantitative or anecdotal, is included in this report. This feedback was also communicated with the T8.2 leaders to revise and further improve the training material before the finalization of that task (M42). Systematic feedback is produced by synergizing with WP7 and utilizing the findings of T7.2, on the validation of training activities for the Front Runners (FRs), but after a degree of customization to suit the FL learning goals and training event needs to be foreseen in T8.1.