Training & knowledge transfer materials and products (D8.2)

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This supporting document, part of the D8.2 demonstrator deliverable, provides a brief description and report regarding the training and knowledge transfer materials of STOP-IT, under task T8.2. The task efforts and the produced matrerial stem from the specifications and overall multi-user course design, reported in D8.1, which outlines three user profiles (i.e., decision makers, risk officers and staff responsible for real-time operations). This document provides a list with information about the materials and products for each one of the defined user profiles. The various sets of well-elaborated materials are aligned to the needs of the training activities (further documented in D8.3), and are designed to be accessible, efficient and impactful, according to the business plan described for the task in D8.1. Any expected additional materials, actions and efforts for the foreseen activities during the remainder of the project timeline are also outlined as part of this document.