Validation Framework – Evaluation Plan and Operational demonstration scenario (D6.7)

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The present document focuses on the establishment of a common methodology to assess and validate the STOP-IT platform in an operational environment. In this regards, the document focuses on the definition of an evaluation strategy for all the strategic and planning (WP4) and operational (WP5) applications developed under the project and integrated under Task 6.5. The proposed evaluation strategy has twofold objectives: (i) ensure the STOP-IT platform meets the user requirements identified under WP3; and (ii) assess the STOP-IT platform as a whole product. Considering these objectives, the deliverable envisioned the identification of integration tests to validate the integration of each tool with the platform. Moreover, the deliverable also describes the system test in the form of representative use-cases for the water critical infrastructure to assess the platform in certain relevant situations that could occur in the critical infrastructures. In parallel, the document also includes the preparation and deployment of the STOP-IT platform under a controlled environment.