STOP-IT Communities of Practice take first steps

STOP-IT aims to create Communities of Practice (CoPs) and learning alliances with a multi-stakeholder perspective to contribute to the development of the project products.

In order to implement successful Communities of Practice (CoPs) within the STOP-IT project, a number of participants from seven of the STOP-IT partners met in Frankfurt in September 2017. They discussed the concept and the structures behind the CoPs and took first steps towards a successful launch and well-prepared long-term maintenance of the Communities. Three levels of CoPs will be created to ensure the required levels of confidentiality for the information exchanged.

The local CoP’s for the Frontrunner water utilities will deal with technical aspects to be treated in a confidential environment. The project CoP is designed to establish a network of different groups of stakeholders on the project and is open to a broader audience (water utilities, national water associations, first aid associations, NGO’s). The trans-project CoP is crossing boundaries between different critical infrstructure sectors and involves international networks and non-project expert groups.

If you want to join our Community of Practice please get in touch with Juliane Koti (

COP meeting in Frankfurt

STOP-IT members discuss the requirements for the Community of Practice