STOP-IT project highlighted at Water Market Europe event

The STOP-IT project will be featured at the next Water Market Europe (WME) event on the 18th-19th of March in Brussels. Focus of WME2020 lies on Digital and Cybersecurity solutions for Utilities and Industries

and the event will include the dissemination of some of the outcomes of the STOP-IT project to increase awareness and enlarge the audience of utilities and industries that can receive benefit from the STOP-IT project solutions and in return provide inputs for addressing emerging challenges.

WME - Digital and Cybersecurity solutions for Utilities and Industries

The event is described on the website as follows: “The water sector needs new digital solutions for a resilient and secure water smart society and digital technologies already are and will continue changing the water domain with a strong impact on the water market development in Europe and beyond, opening significant and unprecedented business opportunities. With the digitalization of the water systems, solutions rapidly spread into addressing water emerging challenges to maximize the efficiency of the systems, but also serious cybersecurity threats arise for the users such as industries and water utilities.”

STOP-IT will hold a general project presentation, highlight some project solutions and our technology providers will be available during the B2B meetings. You can register here for the meeting.