The STOP-IT platform

Secure your water infrastructures against cyber-physical attacks and threats with the STOP-IT platform, which supports strategic/tactical planning, real time operational decision making and post-action assessment for the key parts of the water infrastructure. The platform is:

  • scalable (scaling from small utilities to large ones)
  • adaptable (including various modules addressing different needs, with expandability for future modules) and
  • flexible (the water utility managers can decide how to use it and it will be usable by experts, novices, and even non-technical staff.

The main added value of the platform is that all modules and tools are integrated, connected to each other and interoperable, therefore ensuring the protection against combined cyber-physical threats and allowing the analysis of cascading effects of physical and cyber events. The platform was validated in an operational environment and all solutions were demonstrated in real environments.

Here you will find a Youtube-Video about the STOP-IT platform.

Factsheet about the platform:

Brochure about the platform: