Asset Vulnerability Assessment to Risk Events – supporting document (D4.1)

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  • Upload-Date 18. September 2020

This report describes the background and implementation of AVAT (Asset Vulnerability Assessment Tool) within the STOP-IT project. It elaborates the processes undertaken for the AVAT construction including a literature review and methodology development, and its potential future utilization and expansion. The AVAT is an online tool acting as a procedural "step-by-step guide for the assessment of vulnerability of water distribution system assets taking into consideration the specific characteristics of the assets (i.e., geophysical, structural, dependence on other infrastructures), and the importance of the components for water supply (criticality of assets) and their "attractiveness" to be attacked. Within AVAT, vulnerability metrics are calculated for water distribution system assets (nodes and links). AVAT was developed in MATLAB® and compiled as a standalone application as well as a web application. As such, it mainly relies on MATLAB's Runtime shared libraries.

In our toolkit library (run by project partner ICCS) you can download the Asset Vulnerability Assessment to Risk Events tool directly.