Data Management Plan (D1.3) Version 5

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  • Upload-Date 18. September 2020

A new element in the Horizon 2020 is the use of data management plans detailing what data the project generates and how this data is accessible. The purpose of this Data Management Plan (DMP) is to provide an analysis of the main elements of the data management policy that will be used by the STOP-IT project with regard to all the datasets that will be generated or collected by the project. This deliverable presents the second version of the DMP for the STOP-IT project. First, it presents the key considerations made to ensure open access to the project’s publications. Next, we describe the background for why and how STOP-IT needs to be an open access project, influencing the overall data management processes. This deliverable describes the data sets to be gathered, processed and analysed. These data set descriptions follow the DMP template provided by the European Commission. This template was circulated to the project partners responsible for the different pilot studies to be conducted, and partners completed the data set descriptions according to the current plans for gathering and analysis of data as well as the methods and processes foreseen to be applied to ensure compliance with ethics requirements. In cases, in which open access to research data represents a risk for compromising the privacy of study participants, data will not be shared or made accessible. The DMP is not a fixed document, but evolves during the lifespan of the project; in fact, it functions as a dynamic document of agreements.