Factsheet: Solutions implemented at Aigües de Barcelona in Spain

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The water supply to the population is an essential need that must be preserved and the focus needs to lie on two things: to guarantee the water service and to ensure the quality of the served water. Aigües de Barcelona always seeks for new solutions to perfect the protection of their networks and assets involved. The first step is to know the status of the system and the correlation to water service and quality. Therefore, they were interested in simulation tools from STOP-IT, which could give them a real feeling of what will happen in the network under a real risk event and helped to understand the weaknesses in order to improve the system furthermore.

Tools tested were the Water Quality Sensor Placement tool, the Asset vulnerability Assessment Tool, the InfraRisk-CP, the Risk Analysis and Evaluation Toolkit and the Fault-tolerant Control Strategies for Physical Anomalies affecting the SCADA system.