Factsheet: Solutions implemented at Oslo VAV in Norway

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The level of service in water supply systems is guaranteed by the optimal operations of pumps and valves, and by the continuous monitoring of pressure values and frequency of pipe breaks. Pressure drops in the distribution network can be detrimental to users’ water demand satisfaction. The ongoing digitalization in the water sector brings opportunities to increase the efficiency of processes, but also new challenges related to potential cyber-attacks on the water systems. Therefore, we are interested in a set of tools which can provide a system of defense against cyber and physical threats on our water supply system.

Tools tested were the Risk Analysis and Evaluation Toolkit, the Network Traffic Sensors and Analysers, the Cyber Threat Sharing Service, the Computer Vision Tool, the Real-Time Anomaly Detector, the Cross Layer Security Information and Event Management (XLSIEM), the Reasoning Engine and the Enhanced Visualisation Interface for water utilities.