Mitigation/Response Plan Management and Expert Reasoning System (D6.3)

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This document is an accompanying report for Deliverable 6.3, Mitigation/Response Plan Management and Expert Reasoning System of Work Package 6 (STOP-IT Platform). The provided module, named Reasoning Engine (REN), is the processing module of the STOP-IT platform that supports the decision making process in water utilities. With this goal, the module includes two tools:

a. the real time information processor, that selects a subset or filtered set of anomaly detections based on content and/or based on context, generates alerts and proposes countermeasure actions to mitigate the negative effects

b. the fault tree (FT) editor and analyser, that enables the analysis of the impact of possible events to a water utility with the creation and calculation of fault trees

The real time information processor tool provides the operator of the STOP-IT platform with fused, filtered and aggregated data, instead of focusing on specific events at the detection level. It acts as a middleware between the detection layer and the operator of the system; it processes detections (refering to cyber and physical level) to generate important alerts and possible mitigation actions to be taken and provides them instantly for display to the Enhanced Visualisation Interface (EVI) of the STOP-IT platform. Apart from this real-time operational mode, the module can assist tactical and strategic decisions and planning. The FT editor tool and its calculation modules can be used for the creation and analysis of FTs and thus the assessment of the risk exposure of an organization. The REN is a core module of the STOP-IT platform. It is flexible, since the rules for the processing of detections and the fault trees for the assessment of risk exposure are configurable per water utility. The module will be intergated in the STOP-IT platform and demonstrated in Front Runner (FR) utilities of the project.