Common Operational Picture (D6.4)

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This document is an accompanying report of the Deliverable 6.4, Common Operational Picture of Work Package 6 (STOP-IT Platform). The provided module, named Enhaced Visualisation Interface is a web user interface that enhances situational awareness by creating a common operational picture. The module leverages real-time, historical and GIS mapping data, incident information and shared information and displays them in multiple-perspective views. The information can be simultaneously shared among operators and decision-makers during all phases of risk management as the incident; detection, processing, analysis and mitigation, allowing collaboration for cyber and physical incidents. The module is scalable from small utilities to large ones with multiple water distribution networks, it can be expanded to consume information from other external modules and it is flexible, allowing water utility managers to decide its use by experts or non-technical staff. The deliverable is hosted in a dedicated root server and is available at For security reasons, access to the application is restricted to predefined users based on username/password, configured by the system administrator. The module will be intergated in the STOP-IT platform and demonstrated in FR utilities of the project.