Cyber–physical threats stress testing platform (D4.4)

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This report describes the details of STOP-IT cyber-physical threats stress-testing approach. The approach can be divided into two distinct but interconnected parts. The first part focuses on the cyber and physical infrastructures and by using models, the system can be stress-tested based on scenarios developed for instance in Risk Identification Database (WP3 of the project). The second part focuses on the provision of a gaming-approach for training the skills available in a water company and documenting the available processes/solutions to deal with stressors and to improve these by identifying the gaps and determine possible solutions. To this end, TORC is adopted as a gaming approach to stress test the organizational resiliency of a water utility in case of cyber and/or physical attacks. The use of these two parts are ensured in WP8 for training and transfer activities to deal with cyber, physical threats and combination of these two in water utilities.