Risk Assessment and Treatment Framework (D4.5)

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The deliverable completes the integration of WP4 products and the finalisation of the Risk Assessment and Treatment Framework that aims to assist users in tactical and strategic risk assessment and intervention planning. Apart from providing an overview of the overall WP4 framework and briefly introducing the users to the results of Tasks 3.2, 4.1, 4.2, 4.3 and to some extent 4.4, this document is also focused on the development of a semantic enriched tool that supports decision making at the tactical and strategic levels through contextualizing and harmonizing risk information. As envisaged, one of the main outcomes of this task (T4.5) has been the “Risk Exploratory” tool as a web-based tool able to navigate through the different risks using facets. The added novelty of this tool is that it is a web-based tool which automatically links risks with their corresponding mitigation action based on the semantic definition of both risks and mitigation actions. The methodology applied to construct this tool is focused on building an ontology to (i) establish a common data model for representing risks and mitigation actions; and (ii) link and provide enriched metadata related to risk and mitigation actions that facilitate the link between them. For building the ontology, NeON methodology has been applied for guiding the ontology construction. Secondly, a REST API and corresponding web visualization for facilitating the risk and mitigation actions exploration and linkage have been elaborated. This API produces the information in JSON-LD to facilitate their (semantic) interoperability with external tools through being compliant with Linked Data principles.