RRMD – supporting document (D4.3)

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This document acts as supporting material for the Risk Reduction Measures Database (RRMD). In this document, the overall methodology of the RRMD as well as its correct utilisation are described. The correct understanding of the RRMD is mandatory to ensure the successful determination of effective risk reduction measures and to receive valuable results from the semantic mapping with the Risk Identification Database (RIDB). The RRMD should not be understood as a stand-alone tool but rather as an important element of Module I (Risk Assessment & Treatment Framework) of the STOP-IT platform. Furthermore, background information on the semantic mapping and the underlying ontology is given. This ensures a profound understanding of the methodology behind the automatic proposal of risk reduction measures, allowing the user to classify the results of this process. Finally, the mechanism for adding new risk reduction measures to the database is described. This enables authorized users to expand the RRMD with measures that are not already included in the database or that will be developed in the future.