STOP-IT tools validated at Berliner Wasserbetriebe in Germany

One of the major challenges at Berliner Wasserbetriebe (BWB) in Germany is to improve the resilience and the security of the water supply, taking into regard the close water cycle and the natural (no chemicals and no chlorine) treatment of the drinking water.


STOP-IT tools validated at Mekorot in Israel

Mekorot and other water companies often are targets of physical- and/or cyber-attacks. In order to improve their resilience as a water supply company they have applied several STOP-IT tools for testing. Weiterlesen

Mekorot - demonstration activities

Demonstration activities at Mekorot

The STOP-IT tools are demonstrated by our four project frontrunner water utilities (Aigües de Barcelona in Spain, Berliner Wasserbetriebe in Germany, Mekorot in Israel and Oslo VAV in Norway). Weiterlesen

What is the STOP-IT project all about?

What is the STOP-IT project all about? Find out in our interview video. Weiterlesen

Training activities: new skills

Water utilities trained in cyber and physical security

The European research project STOP-IT, which is dealing with the protection of water infrastructures from cyber and physical threats, has now begun with training activities for water utilities.


WME - Digital and Cybersecurity solutions for Utilities and Industries

STOP-IT project highlighted at Water Market Europe event

The STOP-IT project will be featured at the next Water Market Europe (WME) event on the 18th-19th of March in Brussels. Focus of WME2020 lies on Digital and Cybersecurity solutions for Utilities and Industries Weiterlesen

STOP-IT part of new clusters

STOP-IT part of new clusters

STOP-IT is now part of a cluster of H2020 projects, the European Cluster for Securing Critical Infrastructures (ECSCI). Its main objective is to bring about synergetic, emerging disruptive solutions to security issues Weiterlesen

Tools for cyber and physical security tested

STOP-IT tools tested at water utilities

STOP-IT has reached its second stage. The majority of the project solutions and tools have been developed and are now tested at the frontrunner water utilities to guarantee applicability and adaptability of the solutions. Weiterlesen

video on the topic of Cyber-physical security

Cyber-physical security – STOP-IT explained in two minutes

Water infrastructures are protected from physical threats like accidents or terror attacks. But with the rise of new digital technologies, different threats emerge. The STOP-IT project is working on solutions to these physical-cyber threats. Weiterlesen

STOP-IT meeting 2019 in Athens

STOP-IT meeting highlighted project results

A number of project results were introduced by the STOP-IT partners during the annual project meeting last week in Athens. The Public Warning Notification System, the Smart Lock solution Meklock Weiterlesen