STOP-IT has come to an end, a European Water ISAC is born?

The „Water ISAC information sharing & STOP-IT final event“ took place online last week to present the project achievements, discuss cybersecurity in the water sector and plan the creation of a European Water ISAC (Information Sharing and Analysis Centre). Weiterlesen

Secure and protect your water infrastructures with STOP-IT

In the critical infrastructures of the water sector, cyber and physical elements are more and more interconnected thanks to the ongoing process of digital transformation. The increasing integration brings benefits, but also new challenges, especially from a security perspective. Weiterlesen

The STOP-IT platform

Secure your water infrastructures against cyber-physical attacks and threats with the STOP-IT platform, which supports strategic/tactical planning, real time operational decision making and post-action assessment for the key parts of the water infrastructure. Weiterlesen

STOP-IT tools validated at Aigües de Barcelona in Spain

The water supply to the population is an essential need that must be preserved and the focus needs to lie on two things: to guarantee the water service and to ensure the quality of the served water. Weiterlesen

STOP-IT tools validated at Oslo VAV in Norway

The level of service in water supply systems is guaranteed by the optimal operations of pumps and valves, and by the continuous monitoring of pressure values and frequency of pipe breaks. Weiterlesen

STOP-IT tools validated at Berliner Wasserbetriebe in Germany

One of the major challenges at Berliner Wasserbetriebe (BWB) in Germany is to improve the resilience and the security of the water supply, taking into regard the close water cycle and the natural (no chemicals and no chlorine) treatment of the drinking water. Weiterlesen

STOP-IT tools validated at Mekorot in Israel

Mekorot and other water companies often are targets of physical- and/or cyber-attacks. In order to improve their resilience as a water supply company they have applied several STOP-IT tools for testing. Weiterlesen

Mekorot - demonstration activities

Demonstration activities at Mekorot

The STOP-IT tools are demonstrated by our four project frontrunner water utilities (Aigües de Barcelona in Spain, Berliner Wasserbetriebe in Germany, Mekorot in Israel and Oslo VAV in Norway). Weiterlesen

STOP-IT webinar

STOP-IT was featured in a webinar hosted by project partner KWR for its BTO network of Dutch and Flemish drinking water utilities. It was part of a series of webinars about EU projects, demonstrating the value and relevance of participating in EU level research Weiterlesen

What is the STOP-IT project all about?

What is the STOP-IT project all about? Find out in our interview video. Weiterlesen