Training activities: new skills

Water utilities trained in cyber and physical security

The European research project STOP-IT, which is dealing with the protection of water infrastructures from cyber and physical threats, has now begun with training activities for water utilities. Weiterlesen

WME - Digital and Cybersecurity solutions for Utilities and Industries

STOP-IT project highlighted at Water Market Europe event

The STOP-IT project will be featured at the next Water Market Europe (WME) event on the 18th-19th of March in Brussels. Focus of WME2020 lies on Digital and Cybersecurity solutions for Utilities and Industries Weiterlesen

Tools for cyber and physical security tested

STOP-IT tools tested at water utilities

STOP-IT has reached its second stage. The majority of the project solutions and tools have been developed and are now tested at the frontrunner water utilities to guarantee applicability and adaptability of the solutions. Weiterlesen

video on the topic of Cyber-physical security

Cyber-physical security – STOP-IT explained in two minutes

Water infrastructures are protected from physical threats like accidents or terror attacks. But with the rise of new digital technologies, different threats emerge. The STOP-IT project is working on solutions to these physical-cyber threats. Weiterlesen

STOP-IT meeting 2019 in Athens

STOP-IT meeting highlighted project results

A number of project results were introduced by the STOP-IT partners during the annual project meeting last week in Athens. The Public Warning Notification System, the Smart Lock solution Meklock Weiterlesen

Cyber security of water distribution systems in Israel

In cooperation with the Grand Water Research Institute, the Centre for Cyber Law and Policy, and the Minerva Centre for the Rule of Law under Extreme Conditions, STOP-IT organized Weiterlesen

The Asset Vulnerability Assessment Tool of STOP-IT

Vulnerability analysis of water distribution systems is a complex task. A review of the literature reveals that there is currently no universally acceptable definition Weiterlesen

Successful midterm review meeting in Brussels

18 months after the STOP-IT project has begun its work, the work-package leaders and the project coordinator met with the European Commission in Brussels at the end of November for the midterm review meeting. Weiterlesen

STOP-IT at IWA water congress Tokyo

STOP-IT presented at IWA World Water Congress and Exhibition in Tokyo

Having recognised the essentiality of protecting critical infrastructure against cyber-physical threats and attacks, STOP-IT partners have proceeded with the development of a risk management framework and tools with the ultimate goal to equip water utilities with novel and propriety security solutions. Weiterlesen

STOP-IT meeting in Barcelona in 2018

STOP-IT meeting in Barcelona

For the yearly project meeting, more than 50 members from the STOP-IT consortium met in sunny Barcelona in Spain for an intense two-day-conference in the middle of June. Weiterlesen