Featured innovations of STOP-IT

The Risk Identification Database (RIDB)

The Risk Identification Database (RIDB) is an organized collection of data, which includes the identification of threats, risk sources, risk factors, causal relations and the description of risk events.


The purpose of the RIDB is to identify risk events, related to physical and cyber threats that can occur in water distribution systems and utilities, their locations, and causes. The RIDB therefore is a source of information to identify and select potential risk events to be further elaborated and/or combined into risk scenarios to be analysed and treated by applying STOP-IT solutions and security considerations.

For whom is the RIDB useful and why?

All water utilities need to consider the effects of the most risky cyber and physical events in their facilities. The RIDB is a repository of cyber-physical threats identifying the majority of the most risky threats provided by water operators, civil engineers, head of operations, IoT engineers, system engineers, etc. In that sense, RIDB is a data source included in several tools applied in risk analysis also developed in STOP-IT project such as PSA Explorer, InfraRisk and others (see figure).

The RIDB is available for public access here.

Meklock – the clever smart lock system

As a protection measure against physical threats, STOP-IT partners Mekorot and Aplicatzia developed Meklock, a smart lock system that is useful for any company that maintains and operates facilities with multiple buildings, entrances and cabinets with large quantities of expensive equipment, vulnerable to break-ins and sabotage.

Meklock is an innovative access-control mobile app with a sophisticated management system that interacts with electronic locks. With the help of the system it is possible to track entry of authorized users or enable or disable remote privileges for opening and locking doors. It does not require the implementation of wired or wireless infrastructure and therefore reduces maintenance costs. It increases the safety, is user friendly and flexible, offers navigation to facilities and works with a standalone system, among other things.

The Meklock system is ready to use. In case of interest, please contact Gil Groskop (Groskop@MEKOROT.CO.IL).