Featured innovations of STOP-IT

Meklock – the clever smart lock system

As a protection measure against physical threats, STOP-IT partners Mekorot and Aplicatzia developed Meklock, a smart lock system that is useful for any company that maintains and operates facilities with multiple buildings, entrances and cabinets with large quantities of expensive equipment, vulnerable to break-ins and sabotage.

Meklock is an innovative access-control mobile app with a sophisticated management system that interacts with electronic locks. With the help of the system it is possible to track entry of authorized users or enable or disable remote privileges for opening and locking doors. It does not require the implementation of wired or wireless infrastructure and therefore reduces maintenance costs. It increases the safety, is user friendly and flexible, offers navigation to facilities and works with a standalone system, among other things.

The Meklock system is ready to use. In case of interest, please contact Gil Groskop (Groskop@MEKOROT.CO.IL).