Training material for risk officers and modellers

Training material for risk officers and modellers (Profile 2): The term „risk management officer“ is used to describe any individual or group of people involved in focal points for risk management (e.g. risk managers, group risk managers, chief risk officers, performance and quality managers, modellers). An set of materials is designed to illustrate how dedicated STOP-IT solutions enhance risk management processes in a utility, at strategic and tactical level.

Here you will find all videos and training materials for this profile:

Short animation video, introducing the STOP-IT project and its objectives on cyber-physical security, providing simple examples of cyber-physical threats and their possible impacts on water infrastructures.

Short video with call-outs that provides a quick overview of what can be achieved with the use of RAET and Module I tools.

A recorded webinar to act as an ad-hoc thorough demonstration of tools and processes using the strategic and tactical planning tools.

A detailed step-by-step narrative for using RAET in an engaging cyber-physical threat scenario, through the digital lab.

A document that serves as a detailed user’s guide for the RAET and its embedded components (i.e., SP, STP) and also details on installing and accessing the tool. The RAET manual was renewed to improve its impact, and is currently in version 2.

A document that serves as a user’s guide for the KPI tool. Includes details on its different functionalities and processes.

A document that serves a dual purpose, one being a manual for InfraRisk-CP, including installation guide. The second is to provide a detailed step-by-step guidance to examples of use by its users to explore a threat scenario.

A brief introduction to the TORC game, its capabilities and workflow.

A brief instruction presentation that specifies guidelines, practices, and relevant terms for the training activity.

A folder containing useful material that includes animations, documents, presentations and scenario explanations to be used in the training.

Training requirements and materials for STOP-IT outcomes for three different target audiences (profiles). Follow link for more information.

A brief description and report regarding the training and knowledge transfer materials of STOP-IT.